Month: June 2015

ECO Newsletter during UNFCCC Sessions by CAN

ECO Newsletter

Today’s ECO Newsletter is finally out! Hot off the press from the UN climate negotiations in Bonn #SB24. Get the latest NGO take on proceedings… ECO is a newsletter providing insides on the current happenings in the negotiations. And perhaps more importantly, what should happen at the negotiations from Climate Action Network (CAN’s) perspective. The publishing of…

UNFCCC Intersessional Meeting

Bonn 2015

UNFCCC Intersessional Meeting? As I was waiting to board my flight to attend the UNFCCC Meeting in Bonn-Germany, I lost count the number of times I was asked, “Isn’t COP usually at the end of the year?” Annually, there are usually 2 to 4 intersessional meetings. These meetings happen either in the UN offices in Bonn-Germany or…

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