Month: March 2018

Join the Malaysian Youth Delegation 2018

Join the Malaysian Youth Delegation 2018!

We are recruiting for this year’s Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) to COP24! Do you care about climate change? Are you interested in learning about climate change policies? Are you keen on collaborating with like-minded youths internationally? If this sounds like you, then you are welcome to be part of the team! Established in 2015, MYD…

#PowerShiftMsia Beach CleanUp 2018

Why #beachcleanup? Coral reefs are home to 25% of the marine species and they’re becoming vulnerable to climate change as evident in 2016, where 90% of the Great Barrier Reef were bleached due to rising seawater temperature. The threat gets more serious as recent research in Cornell University discovered corals entangled with plastic wastes are highly susceptible to…

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