• What is Power Shift Malaysia?
    Power Shift Malaysia (#PowerShiftMsia) is a climate change movement initiated by youths, for youths. We engage with various movements to generate momentum towards clean, renewable energy sources and a safe climate future for youths. Our vision is empowered youth taking action on climate change for a sustainable future for all. Our mission is to amplify the voice of youth movements in climate change through education and mobilisation.
  • What are the past events that Power Shift Malaysia has organized? How did these events make an impact to the public?
    • Power Shift Malaysia – a youth climate education training camp held annually to educate youth about climate change project management. This camp equips the participant with knowledge about climate change, about how to be a good climate campaigner and provides a network of like-minded people to the participants. Click here for more.
    • Malaysia Youth Delegation (#MYD) – The MYD is the voice of the Malaysian youth climate movement at international United Nations climate conferences, UNFCCC.  In order to achieve our objectives of
      • Represent youth climate movement in Malaysia
      • Educate Malaysians on UNFCCC and Malaysian climate policy
      • Hold our leaders accountable for the promises and actions responsible for climate change
      • Act in solidarity with frontline communities for those suffering the effects of climate change in Malaysia and across the globe
      The delegates went through a series of intensive trainings about climate change policy and the international negotiation processes, fundraising and dialogues. The MYD is a program to nurture the future youth climate leaders that can represent Malaysia and bring back the knowledge from the international platform to educate the public as well as to lobby our national leaders on the climate agenda in Malaysia. Click here for more.
    • Kampus Sarap – We provide educational, experiential ‘hands on’ trips and community action that demonstrate the sustainable economy in action, inspire support of local green businesses, and empower people to incorporate environmental responsibility and social justice into their personal and professional lives. Through the physical experiences atsides related to our environment such as farm and plant visits, the participants will understand more about the environmental impacts and the importance of it, and therefore inspiring them to take care about our Mother Nature and to not take it for granted. See here for more.
  • Are we (humans) responsible for the climate change?
    Yes. Before human start burning fossil fuel in a large scale (that is, before industrial revolution), the carbons are stored under the ground but not the atmosphere. Human’s activities to burn fossil fuels release the carbon to the atmosphere and causes the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to increase. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported in 2014 that scientists were more than 95% certain that global warming is mostly being caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHG) and other human (anthropogenic) activities.
  • The Earth is getting warmer, what can we do to reduce this from happening?
    The best way is to cut down the usage of fossil fuel and turn to green energies such as solar and wind energies. At the national level, the government can encourage the switch of dirty to clean energies by different policies such as Feed- in tariff (imposing taxes on fossil fuel usage and subsidizing green energy production). At society level, the public need to switch their daily lifestyles to more sustainable ones, for instance, using public transports instead of private vehicles.
  • Can we prevent global warming from happening?
    Global warming is already happening. It will take hundreds and thousands of years to reverse the damages caused. Nonetheless, we can do to curb further global warming through no.6. As for the world today, we might not be able to close down all the fossil fuel plants in the whole world in a short period. What we can do is to reduce our dependence on the fossil fuel as fast as possible.


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