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Power Shift Malaysia adalah satu pertubuhan perubahan iklim yang ditubuhkan oleh belia, untuk belia. Kami melibatkan diri dengan pelbagai pergerakan untuk mencetus momentum ke arah pengeluaran dan penggunaan sumber tenaga yang bersih dan yang boleh diperbaharui, serta mewujudkan iklim yang selamat untuk belia masa hadapan.

Power Shift Malaysia (#PowerShiftMsia) is a climate change movement initiated by youths, for youths. We engage with various movements to generate momentum towards clean, renewable energy sources and a safe climate future for youths.

《Power Shift- 馬來西亞》 是個由青年發起的環保運動組織。我們關注氣候變遷的議題,推廣綠色能源並投入實際行動。請參與我們,一起為我們的未來打造一個更美好與健康的環境。

Power Shift Malaysia works with Malaysian youths to ensure a safe climate future.
Our goal is to educate and empower young citizens of the country on climate change, to establish a paradigm shift towards clean renewable energy resources for a sustainable future.

"This Is Just The Beginning" - Adrian Yeo, #PowerShiftMsia 2013

“This Is Just The Beginning” – Adrian Yeo, #PowerShiftMsia 2013

#PowerShiftMsia is a youth organisation with mission to empower youth in taking action on climate change for a sustainable future for all by amplifying the voice of youth movements in climate change through education and mobilisation. The primary SDGs that we strive for is Goal 13: Climate Action, by shaping public opinion with comprehensive climate change literacy at all levels, via capacity building, climate change education, and public policy advocacy.

Capacity Building

#PowerShiftMsia is an intensive training camp to empower youth climate leader in effective campaigning, and project management. Post training projects will be select and continue mentor to ensure sustainable development of the projects.

We have #PowerShiftMsia in Sabah to focus on marginalized communities that with low awareness of climate change, but more impacted by climate change effects. We are producing more reference materials in our local language Bahasa Malaysia and with more local evidence of climate change events and impacts. This program can raise their capacity to organize effective climate change-related campaigns and projects to mitigate, adapt and reduce the climate impact.

Climate Change Education

“Kem Solusi”is workshop that introduce the basic science of climate change and the available solutions, while “Kampus Sarap”  is experiential field trip and community action that demonstrate sustainability in action. We work with multi-stakeholder to improve education, raise awareness and institutional capacity on climate change knowledge and vulnerability, such as INTI, UCSI (tertiary education institution), Malaysia Girl Guide (student club), Penang Green Council (government), and AirAsia Berhad (private sector).

Changes in public perceptions of climate change can significantly encourage lifestyles in harmony with nature , and future climate change development and policies, such as rationalize inefficient fossil-fuel subsidies.

Public Policy Advocacy

“Malaysia Youth Delegation” programs were designed to advocate on policy studies on multilateral and national platform. We offered series of  policy reading and understanding training, then selected group of Malaysian youth to represent Malaysia youth climate movement in United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Our involvement in UNFCCC improved the transparency of the negotiation process as a watch group for Malaysia’s negotiators and disseminating information to the public.

During COP 21 in 2015, we also actively engaged with international youth organization such as facilitated “Asian Meet Up” Session, presented in Asean Youth Forum, and involved in biggest climate march organising team. We documented the shared knowledge, and expertise from engagement with international youth with over 60 articles were published in our website, and available for public view.

After COP21, we worked with Ministry of National Resources and Environment (NRE) to educate the public about the Paris Agreement.

A ‘Malaysia Climate Change Awareness Survey’ was conducted to systematically collect opinions and perceptions of youths towards climate change. These findings contributed to the ‘Malaysian Youth Statement on Climate Change’ that was submitted to Prime Minister and the Minister of NRE and Minister of Youth and Sport.

Initiatives on public policy advocacy are aim to integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning.

We are a voice for the the youth.
#PowerShiftMsia mobilizes youth to facilitate change and advocate for a safe climate future at all levels, from local council to UNFCCC.
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We build on a foundation of success.
#PowerShiftMsia has been working close with current and past participants in refining our capacity building materials.
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We collaborate with partners.
#PowerShiftMsia partners with unexpected allies to develop cross-cutting solutions that lead to lasting change.
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We focus on people.
#PowerShiftMsia is committed to supporting efforts that benefit the people who rely their livelihood and future upon.
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We bring volunteers together.
#PowerShiftMsia various volunteer and internship brings together youthful energy and lifelong kinship bond to protect the planet.
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