Al Gore – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

On 23 August 2017, Power Shift Malaysia successfully organised An Inconvenient Truth 2 – movie premiere screening.

As fellow members of Malaysian Youth Delegation, we believe everything has 2 sides and we try not to focus on one side of the story only. Thus, we figured now it was the perfect time to ring the bell of hypocrisy.

For our study, we were researching on Al Gore’s role in climate change movement.

For ease of illustration, we decided to design an infographic. We will let the infographic to tell you the rest of the story from here. Feel free to share.


  1. This screening is made possible with the support from our friends at United International Pictures Malaysia & TGV Cinemas
  2. Please contact us via Facebook if you would like to request a softcopy of the infographic




Infographic designed by: Thomas Lai
Malaysian Youth Delegation

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