All you need to know about #PowerShiftMsia

What is #PowerShiftMsia?

We bring together youth leaders, experienced speakers, from Malaysia’s UNFCCC climate change negotiator, NGOs and community leaders. We aim to empower participants with variety of workshops like Effective Project Management, Digital Campaigning, Policy & Governance, Understanding Media and Creative Activism.

If you are keen to build a stronger Malaysian Climate Movement, WE WANT YOU!


#PowerShiftMsia: Building skills and networks

#PowerShiftMsia: Building skills and networks

Our mission is to educate young climate and environmental leaders to learn, to develop their skills and to turn their passion into action. It is hoped that when participants return to their home state after participating in #PowerShiftMsia workshop, they will create and run their own campaigns for climate, environmental and social justice. Together, we will create a new wave of climate activism for a better future.

History of #PowerShiftMsia

It all began with Global Power Shift, a summit that took place in Istanbul, Turkey, from 24 to 30 June 2013. For seven days, 500 young climate leaders from 135 nations, including seven Malaysians, shared stories and developed skills to organize and manage campaigns. After the summit, the seven came back to Malaysia more determined that ever to create a national movement calling for climate action and hence, #PowerShiftMsia was born.

Who can join?

Participants need to be:

  • between 18 and 30 years old
  • have basic knowledge and passion for the environment and climate change
  • have prior experience in participating, organising, managing and executing a community based project
  • will be able to commit at least 6 months after #PowerShiftMsia for the climate movement

The Application Process

Online application forms will be announced from time to time.

Step 1: Submit application form
Step 2: Successful Applicants will be given conditional acceptance
Step 3: Official Acceptance will be issued after payment and return of signed documents

The participation will be confirmed once the payment is made. The participants will keep in contact with Participant Manager to arrange the transportation and other important things.

Speakers & Trainers

Established names from the environmental field to media will give talks as well as facilitate the workshops. These personalities include NGOs such as the Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS), community leaders such as Zain HD, and Malaysia’s UNFCCC climate change negotiator Dr Gary W. Theseira. List of previous speakers and trainers below:

  • Zain HD – RandomAlphabets
  • Dr Gary W Theseira – Malaysia UNFCCC Negotiator
  • Jarren Tam – Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS)
  • En. Hafiz Isa – Jabatan Alam Sekitar, Putrajaya
  • Steve McCoy – Counterpoint, Sustainability Consultant
  • Edmund Bon – Loyarburok, Malaysia’s representative to the Asean Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR)
  • YB Elizabeth Wong – ADUN Bukit Lanjan
  • Wong Tack – Himpunan Hijau Chairperson
  • Yasmin Rasyid – EcoKnights
  • Jennifer Lasimbang – JOAS
  • Wilson Ang – ECO Singapore
  • Gan Pei Ling – Published Journalist
  • Theva Rajan – SUARAM
  • Nithi Desadurai – EPSM
  • Angela M. Kuga Thas – KRYSS
  • Jian You – UndiMsia!
  • Gurmit Singh – CETDEM
  • Simpson Khoo – Social Activist
  • Sharyn – British Council
  • Zeph Danieles – 350 East Asia
  • Syaiful – Greeners Magazine, Indonesia
  • Linus Chung – Film Maker
  • S. Arutchelvan (Arul) – PSM
  • Azira AzizUndiMsia!
  • Nor Lastrina – Singapore Youth for Climate Action
  • Edmund Lau – Reef Check Malaysia, Marine Scientist
  • Mohd Firdaus – Sahabat Alam Malaysia
  • Adrian Yeo – PowerShiftMsia
  • YB Yeo Bee Yin – ADUN Damansara
  • Jose Gabriel – SOLS 24/7
  • Datin Prof Dr. Azizan Baharuddin – DG of IKIM
  • New Sin Yew – BERSIH
  • Hadi Khalid – Bangsar Radio Utama
  • Adrian Banie Lasimbang – Tonibong
  • Sabrina Aripen – WWF
  • Wong Siew Te – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Workshop Details

#PowerShiftMsia : Open, safe and progressive discussion space for a safe climate future

#PowerShiftMsia : Open, safe and progressive discussion space for a safe climate future

Below are some of the key areas that will be explored by the participants.

  • Latest technical update on the environment circle
  • Effective sustainable organisational and strategic management skills
  • Local and international environmental movement perspectives
  • Fundraising ideas and successful executions
  • Effective campaign story telling
  • Handling Media

Interesting workshops will be held for young climate leaders during #PowerShiftMsia. The workshops include

  • Digital Campaigning – Digital Media is the most efficient platform to reach out to Malaysian audiences to spread climate change and awareness on the environment. Through this workshop, participants will learn social media tips and tricks, and learn how to effectively tell stories via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Policy & Governance – Understanding policies regarding climate change is crucial in creating change in the system. Participants will be educated on subjects like United Nations level policies and implementations done by local governments. They will also learn the challenges associated with these policies and learn tips on how to leverage and influence the system.
  • Understanding Media – The mainstream media can be a strong ally in environmental campaigns. The workshop will educate participants on the type of stories favoured by the media, the publications read by the general public, and how to draft press releases.
  • Creative Activism – Participants will learn methods to conduct an effective yet creative campaign.
  • Idola Demokrasi – This workshop will allow participants to define a problem and correctly identify the root cause to a problem.
  • Theory of Change – We aim to shift our wasteful, fossil-fuel focused society to an efficient renewable-centric one. Through this workshop, participants will learn to identify certain behaviours of a section of the society, and apply strategies accordingly.
  • Storytelling – Participants will learn to write personal narratives and campaign stories, as well as to ways to craft a campaign story that will move mountains.

For media enquiries, please contact us.


Each participant will need to pay a fee of RM100 that will cover food and accommodation. Travel expense from home to meeting point will be borne by participants.

Limited scholarships are also available for deserving applicants.


All participants will stay at a dormitory style hostel. Participants will check in from afternoon till evening on the first day. Participants are required to check out on final day morning, and after leave hostel when the program finishes.


Vegetarian meals will be served 3 times per day while water is available throughout the day. Please inform us your dietary requirement (eg. allergy etc.) during your application and interview.

That’s basically it! Interested? Register now! 

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