Attending #PowerShiftMsia inspired me to cycle to COP21

#PowerShiftMsia helped me to initiate my own project #ChiliPadiAcademy -Amalina A-

My involvement in #PowerShiftMsia has taught me the value of local and bottom-up approaches to global problems like climate change. Through participating and subsequently organising the event, I have learnt that youths can spread awareness and be part of the solution.

In 2013, the event exposed me to the realities of environmental governance and taught me useful skills in online campaigning that I have used in my own awareness events at university. In 2014 through being part of the committee, I have learnt organisational skills, the challenges of working together via Google Drive (Thank God for technology!) and overcoming logistical challenges.

This movement gave me the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded youth from around Malaysia. It is through our collective positivity and ideas that drives me to continue to be involved in the environmental scene in years to come.

Testimonial by Quek Yew Aun.

Attending #PowerShiftMsia inspired me to cycle to COP21

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