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Beginners Guide to UNFCCC

Reading Materials A Beginner’s Guide to the UN Framework Convention and its Kyoto Protocol – UNEP & UNFCCC 2002 Glossary of Terms: Accronyms: The Climate Change Advocacy Toolkits Background on UNFCCC: The International Response to Climate Change: Fundamental Documents UNFCCC Convention Text – Kyoto Protocol Text – Bali Action Plan Text – IPCC AR4…

Road to COP21 Paris Background

Climate Reality Project

What’s Happening in COP21 Paris? This year, the United Nations holds the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting in Paris from November 30—December 11. The UNFCCC is a treaty passed in 1992 to address global climate change, and ratified by 195 countries, including the US.…

REDD in Malaysia

REDD logo

Degradation and deforestation of the world’s tropical forests are cumulatively responsible for about 10% of net global carbon emissions. Therefore, tackling the destruction of tropical forests is core to any concerted effort to combat climate change (14). Traditional approaches to halting tropical forest loss have typically been unsuccessful, as can be seen from the fact that…

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