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#PowerShiftMsia 2015 Participant Application Form

#PowerShiftMsia is back! This September #PowerShiftMsia will see 100 youths from all over Malaysia coming together for a three­day workshop to strengthen their climate change knowledge and learn how to run successful campaigns, with a target outcome of developing impactful climate campaigns. If you’ve got passion to stop climate change and want to be apart…

All you need to know about #PowerShiftMsia

“I’m standing here today, and I see a movement. I see a movement of passionate individuals who are ready to make something good happen” –Yasmin Rasyid, Plenary Speaker from EcoKnights-

What is #PowerShiftMsia? We bring together youth leaders, experienced speakers, from Malaysia’s UNFCCC climate change negotiator, NGOs and community leaders. We aim to empower participants with variety of workshops like Effective Project Management, Digital Campaigning, Policy & Governance, Understanding Media and Creative Activism. If you are keen to build a stronger Malaysian Climate Movement, WE WANT YOU!

胡燕珊 Woo Yin San

胡燕珊 Woo Yin San

以 Bachelor of Environmental Technology 畢業, 當初的想法很單純, 只想為這片土地做點事。 環境學幫助我了解自然界的 美好同時也被人類種種活動所破壞。後來開始留意關於環境的課題, 開始改變生活習慣, 減低自己的 water footprint 和 carbon footprint 。

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