ECO Newsletter during UNFCCC Sessions by CAN

Today’s ECO Newsletter is finally out! Hot off the press from the UN climate negotiations in Bonn #SB24. Get the latest NGO take on proceedings…

ECO is a newsletter providing insides on the current happenings in the negotiations. And perhaps more importantly, what should happen at the negotiations from Climate Action Network (CAN’s) perspective. The publishing of daily ECO Newsletter on negotiations has been in practice since the Stockholm Environment Conference in 1972.

ECO Newsletter

The sophisticated ECO Newsletter 

An effort to switch from relying on butcher’s papers for news updates, we’re also working on making ECO Newsletter available to readers via their personal e-mail inboxes. A sign up form has been created, please feel free to pass it on.

Here’s an article that was published where Malaysia was praised for our outspoken on transparency in the process.

All Together Now: Pink, Yellow, and Blue 

ECO thanks Parties for recognising how important keeping facilitated sessions under the ADP open to observers is. We smiled when Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Nicaragua all took to the floor in support of a transparent process with no objections from any Party.

The rooms may not have enough seats and the non-pink-badge lines are long, but that’s why we get up in the morning: to see the text turn from its “original paragraph” into a “proposed consolidation”.

Transparency in the process is critical—we don’t want to miss this. When we started in Bonn, there were 10 days and 4232 lines that run across more than 89 pages. Observers are keen to offer our assistance and suggestions with the streamlining.

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