A good platform to build a strong movement – Chandra Widodo

chandra widodo

Hello, I am Chandra Widodo from Indonesia. I am a student of Semarang Stage University. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

This is my first experience in PowerShiftMsia training in Sabah as a participant. I really excited to be a participant and wanted to know more about climate change and how to overcome it.  I hope I can take action to overcome the climate change in my country and the world.

During four days of activities, I enjoyed and met many wonderful people. They gave me knowledge and motivation and inspired me to learn more on climate change. Although this program is packed with workshops from 8 am till 10 pm and even sometimes till midnight, but it felt comfortable and inspiring because we are not only friend but a family in this youth climate movement.

#PowerShiftMsia is a good platform to build a strong movement among young people because #PowerShiftMsia taught me how to be a good leader, planning activity and how to overcome the climate change.

This program taught us the importance to overcome the climate change from very little action that can start from all of us. We can make a real project realized after this program, such as seagrass transplant in Gaya island, using  microhydro to replace a megadam, and tree planting in Kelantan to reduce future climate risk.

I am glad to be part of this event and I hope we can make a real project for saving the world from climate change.

Nothing is impossible and anything can happen as long as we believe.

Thank you #PowerShiftMsia

Testimonial by Chandra Widodo


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