A good Platform to learn more about climate change ! -Nurul Amri Komarudin

Nurul Amri

Nurul Amri

Hi, I’m Nurul Amri Komarudin and actually you can call me Amri. I’m Fresh Graduate Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Natural Science from Bogor Agricultural University – Indonesia.

This is one my experience in international activity and first time for #PowerShiftMsia training in Sabah as a participant. Because my concern in Applied of Meterology, I really am excited to  know more about climate change and how to overcome it.

Thanks #PowerShiftMsia, I am very glad to be part of #PowerShiftMsia, here I can discuss about climate change and other environmental problems. 

During the four days of activities, I very much enjoyed and met many wonderful people. As they gave me the knowledge and motivation and inspired me to learn more about climate change.

Although the program is packed with workshops from 8 am to 10 pm and sometimes until midnight , I can Learn about Malaysia’s efforts in climate change, Learn about youth climate movements around the world, Meet local groups and learn from their past campaigning experiences.

Group 5 #PowerShiftMsia Sabah

new family (Group 5) with an eco-tourism project!

Although I got very tired after the camp, it was satisfying with the newfound knowledge, friend and other, so worth it lah.

Thank you #PowerShiftMsia

Testimonial by Amri

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