Ibrahim Abdul Mugis

Ibrahim Abdul Mugis

Ibrahim Abdul Mugis

Gone are the days of procrastination. When the world used to leave the remedy for climate crisis in the hands of the politics. My participation in the Global Power Shift Malaysia came out with some eye opening discoveries.  

2015 looms large as a critical year when we must act swiftly and strong if we are to have any chance of limiting global warming to below 2 degrees Celcius, let alone get back to the 350parts per million of atmospheric CO2 that scientists say is necessary.

The Rio+20 Earth Summit in June of 2012 was meant to be the starting point for a three year push to 2015, but the summit ended in a whimper rather than a bang and 2015 will eventually follow, unless an international climate movement can generate an unprecedented level of political pressure for climate action.

Of course, there should be a massive involvement of small groups in the processes of countering climate change which entails mitigations, adaptation strategies and even the use to other technological advancement strategies that disrupts the status quo and captures the public imagination. This go-getting goal is within reach. With a loose collection of organizations, activists, and networks in nearly every country on earth, the climate movement has the necessary potential to facilitate this sort of global groundswell. Now it?s time for us to realize this potential.

Global Power Shift Malaysia (GPS) M took place On 10th – 15th December, with a couple of young Participants from walks of life and around Malaysia., joined by experienced speakers from Malaysia?s UNFCCC climate change negotiator, NGO and community leaders. The participants were empowered with variety of workshops like Digital Campaigning, Policy & Governance, Understanding media and Active Activism.

it hosted youths between 18-30 years of age, who have prior experience in environmental activism and keen to build a strong Malaysian Climate Movement.

Workshops began on Tuesday and ended on Sunday.

We learnt a lot of lessons and discoveries at the workshop.Miss Yasmeen Rshid,president of MENGO(Malaysian Environmental NGOs)highlighted a lot on importance of energy as she discussed with us the story of the bottled water, talked on the qualities of a leaders and so on and soo forth.A representative from the Malaysia environmental division also came to highlight a little bit about their operation towards countering the problems of climate change. We also discussed about the theory of change by Steve McCoy, Policy And Governance Track,fuel subsidy influence, Malaysia?s Sustainability Status and Climate Change

We were equipped with some opportunities on how to build on or launch national climate campaignsand to empower participants from around the country equipped to lead action groups. These groups are to educate the public about the realities and solutions to climate change, implement solutions projects and campaigns, and recruit for mass global action leading into 2014 and 2015.

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