International Islamic Climate Change Symposium

Click here to view the Declaration

Click here to view the Declaration

Next week the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium is taking place in Istanbul to launch the first Islamic Declaration on Climate Change.

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Influential leaders from 20 countries across the Muslim world are coming together ahead of the UN Climate Change conference in December in Paris to call on the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims to fulfil their religious duty to take action on climate change.

The Prophetic teachings instruct us to be custodians and stewards of the earth, he said:“Allah has made the earth green and beautiful, and He has placed you as stewards on it.”

“الله تله منچيڤتا بومي اين هيجاو دان اينده، دان دي تله منمڤتكن كام اونتوق منجادي خليفه د اتس موك بومي اين.“

The Declaration calls for all responsible nations to shoulder the greatest responsibility for the consequences of climate change, and calls on Islamic leaders around the world to pay more heed to the social and ecological responsibilities they have as they exploit the fast declining resources of the earth by reducing their carbon footprint and phasing out the use of fossil fuels by shifting to 100% renewable sources of energy.

Join us in the Symposium through live stream starting at 2:30pm on Monday 17th – Tuesday 18th August which is available below.

Take part in the conversation on the launch of the declaration by using the hashtag #Muslims4Climate on and tweet us your thoughts about the climate declaration and how you will take action around the world ahead of Paris.

Background to Symposium

The International Islamic Climate Change Symposium is co-hosted by Islamic Relief Worldwide which is the largest international development Muslim NGO tackling climate change through its programmes around the world, Greenfaith is the leading interfaith organisation on environment and faith, Islamic Forum for Ecology & Environmental Sciences (IFEES) is the leading academic think-tank for environment and Islam and Climate Action Network international is a leading intergovernmental organisation on climate change.


Hashtag: #Muslims4Climate



  1. […] “I think that a lot of people see the religious contribution as a cozy topic which we should only discuss on Sunday morning, but it could prove decisive. An organization like the Catholic Church is remarkably effective at leading a famine relief campaign. These are mechanisms that we should be using to tackle other global problems, including stopping governments from riding roughshod over people’s lives with disastrous effects for biodiversity – Prof. Partha Dasgupta, University of Cambridge” On top of these, faith leaders also play an active role in combating climate change. Within this year, Pope Francis has signed a common declaration of intent to combat environmental damage, human trafficking and, the launch of first Islamic Declaration on Climate Change. […]

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