It was more then just a meeting… by Nafi

Last Sunday afternoon, I volunteered to join a discussion meeting with #PowerShiftMsia and a few Pandu Puteri leaders. It was an amazing afternoon indeed. The meeting was to explore on how the Girl Guides can go green or perhaps be more environmental conscious. Although I’m not really familiar with the discussion but I’m glad I am part of the discussion.

solar car model

During the journey, Adrian showed to me a toy car powered by solar panel. It was a brilliant example to invoke curiosity on renewable energy. I felt excited as it was my first time to getting close to a solar panel model and able to see how the model was built. It only cost a few ringgits to make the solar car model. I can’t help but imagining if we can buy a real solar car cheaper, which is much cheaper than the conventional fossil-petrol-fueled car?

As our conversation continues, the discussion that really caught my attention is this.

“Let say, there is this person who saved up some money all his life, bought a land with full grown trees. This person wished to build a house for his family and their next generation. Along the way, trees must be fell. Can or cannot?”

“… and the cost of land and construction would be cheaper than any houses on the market, can or cannot?”

Through this conversation, I learned about issues development pressures on environment, supply-demand, government policy on property and land, deforestation pressures, nature protection, creative lobbying, connection between the Maslow’s hierarchy and environment. The responsibility of the government toward nature and its people is much more complex that I earlier thought.

Solving the climate change problem goes beyond environment. We must also address the economic needs, food security and healthcare.


I also learn about organizations such like Pandu Puteri Malaysia and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), are taking serious actions in promoting awareness on climate change and sustainability. They even have a list of Environment related badges, ie, agriculture, biodiversity, food security and climate change challenge, climate change, ending hunger, energy, forests, gender, governance, nutrition, the ocean, soils, and water, the girl’s guide’s responsibility toward nature and environment.

FAO Climate Challenge Badge

FAO Climate Challenge Badge

We should never stop learning. Often we provide silly excuses like, we can’t read book, we can’t handle class, we don’t have money to go class. But it turns out, when you try something new, when you are willing to take risks, you will keep on learning along way, so never give up.

I learned a lot just by volunteering to attend a discussion.



(L-R) Thammy, Grace, Gwen, Melur, Chempaka, Kaseh, Adrian, Nafi (me)

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