#KemSolusi goes to Penang

13#KemSolusi goes to the Pearl of Orient, Penang!

On the 8th October, Youth Camp 2016 with the theme- “Climate Change & Youth – Awareness and Empowerment” was held at Tropical Spice Garden, Teluk Bahang by the joint organising of Penang Green Council (PGC) and Tropical Spice Garden (TSG).

36 participants aged from 15 to 18 year old from different high schools in Penang has come together to have a better grasp about climate change. #KemSolusi was proud to be given the chance to share our experience with this bunch of future climate fighters. For this session 3 members from #PowerShiftMsia namely Adrian, Amalen and TzeYang are tasked to deliver the modules as follow:

  • Modul 1: Apakah perubahan Iklim? What is climate change?
  • Modul 2: Mengapa perubahan Iklim penting? Why is climate change important?
  • Modul 3: Apa yang anda boleh lakukan? How can you contribute?
  • Modul 4: Tenaga yang boleh diperbaruhi untuk menyelamatkan dunia! Renewable energy options that can save the earth!

14495425_1097139567008167_8232549861909727410_nFor Module 1, Tze Yang gave the young participants a brief insight on what climate change is, slowly giving them more scientific-based knowledge from simple stories and analogy. From this session participants learnt about the formation of green house gases and how the earth heats up from man-induced activity, leading to the occurrenceof global warming. The session ended with an interaction game of [Agree/Disagree] where they have to voice out their opinion on certain statements (ex. Global warming is natural, not man-made)

Adrian led the second module on why climate change is important. He started by showing the participants some image of climate change-induced disasters, and further enhance on the content of the first module. He later showed some data and explanation on the typhoon Matthew which is hitting Florida at the moment the talk was given. Climate change is worrying as disasters happens at a much frequent rate. With Typhoon Meranti gone and Typhoon Matthew hitting, it is unfortunate to say that Typhoon Nicole will come hitting anytime soon.

Module 3 acts as a medium to bring the participants from the big shock of climate disasters to their surrounding reality, a more realistic approach that can be adopted by the young climate fighters for the time-being. They were asked by Adrian to write down the timetable of their daily activity; From waking up, brushing teeth until the moment they close their eyes at night. Each activity are discussed in detail. Advice on the appropriate timing for these activities are given so energy and resources can be utilised to the maximum without wasting the unnecessary.

15Module 4 was led by Amalen. He started by giving a rough explanation on different approach of getting energy resources and then continued on explaining in detail how solar energy was cultivated and turned into electrical energy. To strengthen his point, Amalen did a demonstation with a solar panel outside the hall; giving the idea on how simple it is to cultivate solar energy and turn it to our benefit.

A number of discussion slots was added in between modules so that participants could provide ideas, allowing for information exchange and better learning. They are encourage to give a short presentation on their discussed conclusion at the end of these sessions. Sessions ends at 5pm, and that concludes a fun-filled day!

On the side note:
#KemSolusi, as usual, was delighted to meet the bunch of volunteers at Youth Camp 2016, these passionate youngster are definitely one of the reasons why we still choose to fight despite constantly getting bad news from the mother earth. People still care, and that is all that matters!A BIG shoutout too to PGC for having us there for such a lovely event. Hope to see you guys more in the future. Cheers!

Kem Solusi – Workshops on introduction to the basic science of Climate Change and the available renewable energy solutions.

#PowerShiftMsia – is a climate change movement initiated by youths, for youths. We engage with various movements to generate momentum towards clean, renewable energy sources and a safe climate future for youths.

PGC Kem Solusi

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