Members of Malaysian Youth Delegation 2016 #MYD16

13433210_885074524952698_1138563491762472304_oThe new batch of delegates for Malaysian Youth Delegation 2016 who will be representing Malaysia to COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco is finally released! A total of 18 fresh faces has been selected to proudly represent Malaysian youths in making a combined effort to combat climate change.

The #MYD is the voice of the Malaysian youths climate movement at the United Nations climate conference. Made up of dedicated and inspiring youth leaders from across the country, the delegation represents the demands of a generation working towards creating a just, safe, and sustainable future for all. COP22 will be another historic conference to continue the momentum of the Paris Agreement last December.

Introducing the delegates of #MYD16:

Jasmin Irisha Binti Jim Ilham
Jasmin Irisha Jim Ilham is a recent Environmental Science graduate from the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus (UNMC). She is an alumna of the East-West Center, Hawaii where she earned her Certificate in Institute on Environment under the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) programme. She is actively involved in various environmental related initiatives, her most recent being UNMC Bicycle Project, of which she also founded the UNMC Cycling Club. She is very much involved with youth engagement, women empowerment and rural sustainability. This is reflected in her involvement in the organizing committee for Water4Power, TEDxKL, TEDxYouth@KL and EVE Summit. She enjoys all things outdoorsy, plays hockey and floorball and loves cats.

Facebook: Jasmin Irisha Jim Ilham
Twitter: jasminirisha
Instagram: jasminirisha
Diong Siong Loong (Kelvin)
Mr Diong Siong Loong is an environmental consultant having years of experience working in the private sector, consulting firms, environmental NGOs as well as foreign government agencies. He was the winner of the KKEF Young Environmentalist Internship Award 2012 and is currently attached to ERE Consulting Group. His academic background is in Microbiology, however his interest towards climate change landed him a career in environmental consulting while completing a Master in Environmental Management program. He is now working extensively in EIA, socio-economic assessment, policy review and formulation as well as natural resources conservation projects. He is passionate about Solid Waste Management, thanks to an early working experience in landfill management and garbage collection as well as overseas waste-to-energy incinerator operations. He also developed a specific interest in coastal community sustainable development pertaining to livelihoods of the local community as well as climate change mitigation and adaptations.

Facebook: Kelvin Diong
Dulanga Nimanthie Sahabandu Witharanage
Dulanga Witharanage is a 23 year old Sri Lankan, currently pursuing a BSc (Hons) degree in Environmental Science at the University of Nottingham. The privilege of being born and brought up in an island nation has given her the opportunity to interact with nature from a very young age. She has been a naturalist since childhood and a birdwatcher by hobby. Dulanga interned with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Wetlands International while following her degree in Malaysia. She has also contributed towards AIESEC’s good work around the world by doing her part in China in making a better tomorrow. During her three years in Malaysia, Dulanga had the opportunity to embrace what the country has to offer, may it be diversity, culture or its natural wonders. She believes that being a part of MYD 2016 would give her an opportunity to voice her ideas for Malaysia, something she’s eagerly waiting for.

Facebook: Dulanga Witharanage
Instagram: lalablack93
Shukri Bin Ahmad Shahizam
Shukri is turning 19 this year. He lived in Singapore for 5 years between 2010 and 2015, and attended high school there. Last May, Shukri graduated from the IB Diploma Programme at the United World College of South East Asia. His family moved back to KL last June, and he has been on a gap year since then. He will be resuming his studies this September at the London School of Economics to read Law. He is currently a Partnership Development (Government) Intern at Teach for Malaysia. Shukri is highly involved in Model United Nations. He has participated in over 15 conferences as a delegate, chair, and Secretariat member. His other interests include International Relations and International Law, pop linguistics, anything related to science, and finding a way to make a positive impact on the world.

Facebook: Shukri Shanizam
Twitter: silhouettejpg
Instagram: shukrishahizam
Nicole Lim Pei Pey
Nicole Lim Pei Pey was born and raised in KL, lived in Melbourne from year 2013 to 2015 while completing her IB Diploma and currently is undertaking the Bachelor of Environmental Studies Programme at the National University of Singapore. She enjoys food like any other Malaysian, the outdoors and yoga. She is also trying to go fully vegan. Growing up, she has always been taught to appreciate the natural heritage Malaysia is so blessed with. From there, she developed her passion towards protecting the earth. The MYD is her first proper involvement in the Malaysian environment scene in a long while, so she looks forward to working with the entire MYD team.

Facebook: Nicolelo Lime
Twitter: elocinlim
Instagram: nicolelim96
Devraj Sathivelu
A recent Chemical Engineering Graduate from the University of Nottingham, 22-year-old Devraj Sathivelu is your ordinary Malaysian guy, trying his best to live an extraordinary life. As he finds engineering dull and mundane, Devraj is excited to take on the world, crafting his career in a field that will involve his keen analytical and problem solving skills and added bonus would be if said career would involve some form of positive social impact. Throughout his life in university, Devraj was very actively involved in a number of organizations, namely AIESEC, &samhoud, Young Professionals Bureau, UniDigest, Easy Taxi, UNMC Cycling Club and Project WHEE!. With his current ‘obsession’ in triathlon and endurance sports, Devraj is in training to take on his first Half-Ironman distance race in September 2016.

Facebook: Devraj Sathivelu
Instagram: devrajsathivelu
Cheah Ui Jen (Daphne)
Daphne Cheah is an experienced PR practitioner having ten years of experience handling public relations for integrated consumer media entertainment giant - Astro, as well as the world’s best low cost airline – Air Asia. Besides having a lot of passion in the aviation industry, she is also an avid traveller and scuba diver. This allowed her to experience the detrimental impacts of climate change first hand and eventually ignited the fire to act on it. While work consumes most of her time, she believes strongly in spending quality moment with family and close friends. Among her other interests include reading non-fiction, and watching YouTube videos on ocean exploration.

Facebook: Daphne Cheah Ui Jen
Twitter: daphne_uijen
Instagram: daphne_uijen
Nachatira Thuraichamy
Nachatira Thuraichamy has always been marvelled by Mother Nature, and oftentimes being in its presence has shifted her very core. It is because of its magic that she is part of the Malaysian Youth Delegation to COP22, because she believes that she can spark a change in Malaysia. She is currently reading Law at HELP University, and is currently in an internship at The Chambers of Kamarul Hisham and Hasnal Rezua to explore the legal field. She will be attached to the Penang institute, under the ASASI Internship Programme by KPUM on human rights. She has been involved in various environmental initiatives from school. In university, she was the co-founding Vice President of the Mooting and Legal Debate Society. She intends to do research on public policy, environmental law and the accountability of public authorities to create a stronger foothold in Malaysia’s stance on the broad issue of climate change that translates into significant results. She hopes to inspire Malaysian youths to join this crusade with her team and but also, to just enjoy the journey.

Facebook: Nachatira Thuraichamy
Terence Aaron Anthony
Terence currently is a law student at Universiti Teknologi MARA and graduated with a Diploma in Quantity Surveying. He is also an experienced debater for the university’s debate club throughout his studies and represented the club at the United Asians Debating Championship, Australasian Debating Championship, Asian-British Parliamentary, World University Debating Championship and many more. He was also part of the committee for the Malaysian edition of the Australasian and World Championships in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Aside from debating competitively, he trains other debate clubs from Universiti Teknologi Petronas, SAKURA and occasionally, SMK Damansara Utama. His articles that range from politics, culture and even debates have been published on sites like Greater Malaysia and Opinions Unleashed. Together with other poets, he runs Kuching Poetry, a blog on poetry that he plans to convert into a self-published zine in the near future.

Facebook: Terence Aaron
Twitter: TerenceAaron
Instagram: terenceaaron
Choy Moon Moon
Moon Moon is a tree hugger who loves learning new things and seeing things in a different light. Her interest in environmental issues began when an environmental documentary was shown to her during secondary school. Having the opportunity to be a part of the fossil fuel divestment student activism body on campus and enrolling in a short climate change course have offered her the chance to participate in activities alongside like-minded people that seek to engage the student community. She looks forward to contributing to MYD16 as well as further enhancing her knowledge by working with her fellow MYD comrades.

Facebook: Moon Moon Choy
Twitter: moonmoon_choy
Instagram: moonmoon_choy
MYD16_Zhun Yan
Chang Zhun Yan
Zhun Yan is currently studying in Kolej Tuanku Jaafar and is a recipient of the prestigious Central Bank scholarship. She majors in Economics and will soon be either UK or US-bound. This young girl has an overarching dream of entering the University of Pennsylvania, and also to immerse herself in the culturally diverse melt pot of the States. She is currently going through an internship with Talentcorp as a summer analyst in the labour market to enhance her knowledge in order to further integrate herself in the field. The issue of climate change has sparked her interest due to its link with economic development which models economy growth, as well as its impact to the environment. Besides busy burying her nose in academics, she is actively involved in her school's Leo Club which had organised various environmental activities and had won numerous awards in art competitions nationally. She has been involved in environmental initiatives in her school and looks forward to make a positive change within Malaysia and the international arena.

Facebook: Chang Zhun Yan
Twitter: zozeezoe
Instagram: zhunyan_chang
MYD16_Nee Zhen
Khoo Nee Zhen
Nee Zhen recently graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nottingham at the age of 23. He is an extreme introvert and thinks that starting a conversation is the biggest challenge. He enjoys empowering young people to achieve their potential and likes to challenge himself for personal development. Nee Zhen also enjoys volunteering from time to time to contribute to the local community. One of his favourite pastimes is to cook in the kitchen though he is trying to get the hang of it. He has yet to have a dream as he is still searching for that one defining moment.

Facebook: Neezhen Khoo
Instagram: neeneezhen
MYD16_Hui Ping
Bong Hui Ping (Katie)
Katie Bong, an Oleochemist from National University of Malaysia (UKM) is a humble yet passionate lady who wishes to help make a change regarding climate issues. With not only her passion but also experience in empowering youths through AIESEC, she would love to lend a hand in educating youths regarding climate issues. She communicates efficiently with others, and is a charming and friendly person in nature. Meanwhile, she is also interested in culture and history of the world – races, places, religions etc. Overall, she is a very outgoing and adventurous person.
Saáid Umar Aisar Bin Saáid Hazley
Aisar Hazley is an aspiring actuary to be. He is the Manager of Youth and Development of the Malaysian Progressive United Kingdom (MPUK), where he engages the youths to be more involved in the current socio-economic issues in Malaysia. Apart from writing articles for MalaysiaKini and Malaysian Insider, Aisar is also very active in volunteering. He was sent by the local government under Kementerian Belia dan Sukan, together with the initiatives of MyCorps to Cambodia where he helped to build latrines. He teaches the local orphans Maths, Science and English at his leisure. He has also worked with the Philippines Undersecretary of National Defense for Defence Services Asia 2016. Aisar is currently involved in TedxKL 2016. With his previous experiences, he looks forward to bringing the cause of climate change to the youths as well as empowering them to make a change.

Facebook: Aisar Hazley
Twitter: asrzly
Instagram: airzly
MYD16_Khye Lynn
Yong Khye Lynn
Khye Lynn is a 19-year-old who had recently graduated from a pre-university programme at Sunway College, which has led her to her current pitstop. Her interests include reading literary fiction as well as caring for animals, though she would likely prefer fur to the cackling of feathers. In spite of her interests, she is completely enamoured by her bed. One of Khye Lynn’s dreams is to travel solo in hopes of reconnecting with nature by hiking and biking. Khye Lynn believes that it is essential for her to play a part in mitigating climate change, which she is very excited to do by kick-starting her journey with MYD.

Facebook: Khye Lynn Yong
Instagram: xkhyelynn
Nalina Santhiran
Nalina Santhiran is reading law at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) and will be bidding adieu to her final teen year this year. She enjoys reading, writing and creating cool stuff with awesome people. She loves challenges and her motivation behind joining the MYD to COP22, besides being genuinely concerned for the future of humankind, is definitely her curiosity towards witnessing and being a part of policy making firsthand. She is looking forward to learning and growing together with everyone on the team.

Facebook: Nalina Santhiran
Twitter: nalinalovescats
Instagram: nalina16101996
MYD16_Wan Mei
Ooi Wan Mei (Charlotte)
Ooi Wan Mei is a passionate traveler, an ardent mooter, debater, and an enthusiastic law student. She loves travelling, for which she has travelled across seven continents in the world at the age of 23; she also enjoys the adrenaline rush during competitive tournaments and contests for which she has been highly involved since the age of 13. She is an avid law student who has no fear in expressing her own thoughts. While immersing in her work of passion, she enjoys reading fictional works from Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Sir Conan Doyle, Peter James and James Patterson; non fictional works from Andrew Phang Boon Leong, Walter Woon, Ian Brownlie and James Crawford.

Facebook: Ooi Wan Mei
Instagram: onemay68
Siti Fatimah Binti Haji Zainal Abidin (Cammy)
Fatimah Zainal is currently 23 years old. When she is not writing her assignments for The Star where she is interning at, she would be mining the dark vein of literature and burying her nose in Asian Literature novels. She was previously an intern under 1MDB for a duration of three years while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Communication at the International Islamic University Malaysia. As someone who is passionate about the environment, international relations, and socio-economics, she is motivated to represent her beloved nation at the cornerstone global meeting of COP22 and also to empower the youths to fight for climate justice.

Facebook: Fatimah Zainal
Twitter: cammycalliope
Instagram: camkieeee



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