MESYM Documentary Night – Disobedience

MESYM organises “Documentary Night” on every 2nd Tuesday of each month. I am highly interested in attending these types of events as I like to watch documentaries, especially climate change related ones. However, I’m always unable to attend due to geographical distance. Since I’m based in KL now, I finally have the chance to attend these screenings.

The documentaries for the night are Disobedience, followed by 3 Mega Dam films which tell us about the Baram Dam slated for construction in Sarawak.  

Disobedience is a new film telling the story of the struggle to save the world from climate change. The “David vs Goliath” tales of front line activist leaders around the world, risking it all in the fight for a livable climate. It was 1st screen across the globe starting on April 30 to support ongoing organizing to defeat the fossil fuel industry. The movie is free to watch and available online. You can watch the film HERE.

Image extracted from the movie "DISOBEDIENCE"

Image extracted from the movie “DISOBEDIENCE”

At the beginning of the documentary, the special (fx) effects of the film create a sense of horror. I can say that those people that passed by down stair will thought that we are watching exorcism movie. Even the screen when the title of the movie showed up will chill your spine. Overall, Disobedience sends out a distress call to the world that we need to act fast for a liveable climate. Now or never. The messages are depressing but motivating at the same time.   

Disobedience sends out a distress call to the world that we need to act fast for a liveable climate. Now or never.

All of the three Baram Dam films convey the same messages which are talking on how the big corporations gave false promises to the affected indigenous people. It shows how they organised civil disobedience to oppose the mega dam project and to protect their indigenous land. The most memorable quote in the video which said by one of the indigenous people’s leader is “You have land you live, no land you die”. Their livelihood are highly depending on the forest (land). Dispossession of land for the sake of “development” will only bring great adverse impact to their livelihood.

After the documentaries we have a short discussion. Among us, there is one person that currently stepped into the limelight due to his artivism. He is the one who beautified our Prime Minister’s face. *if you get what i mean*. #redthicklipstick #clown. He is Fahmi Reza.

fahmi kita penghasut

Fahmi Reza

Leonardo, the organiser of this event ask Fahmi perspective on HOW TO CREATE CLIMATE CHANGE AWARENESS through ARTivism. He mentioned that majority of the Malaysians still does not know about climate change. He sees that the awareness is just at an infant stage and is not sufficient to create a huge impact. Sound actions need to be taken. Everyone can be a media and make some noise instead of waiting and relying on conventional media, whereby most of them have restricted freedom.

mesym screening

He also pointed out that showing numbers and hard facts are much easier in creating bigger awareness because it is easier to understand (straight to the point) and more convincing. Climate change knowledge or climate sciences should be explained in layman’s term to the extent that even “unconverted” people can be on the same page with the converted one.

Written by Thomas Lai (MYD15)

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