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Being YOUNG!

A lot of people don’t expect you to care about your community. They don’t think you’ll take the time to make it better, figuring that you’re too busy with school, friends, whatever. In fact, only one in five youth feel valued by adults, and only one in four think that adults see them as a valuable resource. But, we know that young people have a lot to contribute. Many of us do want to make our communities better.

We must first address the widespread notion that young people should not have a say when it comes to dealing with the world’s problems. We need to build a world where the potential of each young person is fulfilled.

Being the only youth-led organization in Malaysia focusing on climate change policy and negotiations, the Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) , empowers and engages with youth in addressing climate change issues.   

The MYDxLCOY two-day conference started with a glimpse into the UNFCCC organization and the power of youth activism. The sessions were followed by #Talanoa Dialogue (Where Are We) on the topics of renewable energy, sustainable cities, biodiversity, green economics and food security.

The breakout sessions (I wish I could have divided myself up to attend all of them) were conducted by young and passionate people, on topics such as climate action, journalism, sustainable palm oil, artivism, marine conservation, water to energy in the Malaysian context, and finance and economics scenarios under the climate change regime. Green finance happened to be my favorite sesion.  

It was nice meeting new and wonderful people during MYDxLCOY. As an activist in climate change, I can say congratulations to MYD. I have always been confident of your abilities to shoulder your responsibilities to make a better future for this planet.

As for the youth who participated in MYDxLCOY, never let your enthusiasm fade, for this is your strength.

Thumbs up MYD!

Basyirah Al Iman
Scholarship Recipients Of MYDxLCOY2018


Edited by Tan Cai May


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