MYDxLCOY Reflections – Hai Ping

First conference, fantastic conference!

Never have I ever felt so understood for immersing myself with like-minded people during this learning journey. It was a great pleasure to be granted a scholarship from MYD itself for joining this conference and I truly appreciated it.

This conference focuses on climate change in various aspects such as sustainable cities, food security, biodiversity,  renewable energy, as well as green economics through Tanaloa Dialogue where participants were able to discuss and give out their opinions in an interactive and chilled atmosphere. On top of that, participants were also given chance to gain more insights on tackling climate change from several capacity building sessions at which speakers were invited to give a talk on their stories. Story sharing sessions from Zan Azlee, a solo journalist and Artivist; Eline and Angus had armed the climate change actions team with creative efforts through media and arts.

Some may think that climate change actions are all about going green – this conference sparked my mindset that climate change actions  not only involved one aspect, there are so many aspects to be addressed with cooperation needed from respective fields to reach the goal. This involved adoption of proposed solutions which are affordable, scalable from the governments as well as the industries. Besides, it also involves efforts in raising awareness and implementing education so that youngers can understand  “environmental issues are not only the responsibilities of those who cares”.

Below are several opinions of mine for the conference:

  • “Just because you don’t see, it doesn’t mean climate change isn’t happening.” I liked how Mr Francis Tan from Tzu Chi encouraged participant to learn how to coexist with Mother Earth.
  • “We need to put ourselves into the shoes of those developers/people who neglect climate change – Sue”. This is indeed a realistic opinion, in an addition to what Sue said, I think it’s a good tactic to understand people’s situation to persuade them in return but, in the meantime, we should not tolerate to those who trade nature for their own goods.

Also after conference, I used to be one who tried to live sustainably but it was merely casual and now I started to do it properly – it’s no longer something of my personal interest but something I wish to raise awareness, to be part of the solution.

Special gratitude to organizing committees for hosting this wonderful conference!

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it..” —– Barack Obama

Written by Hai Ping

Edited by Varun

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