MYDxLCOY Reflections – Lem Khe Sin

The story begins here…

One day, I received a message from my friend, Christabel. She told me that she will be coming to KL to participate in a conference. It was a youth climate conference organized by the Malaysian Youth Delegation. Her message caught my interest. After looking into the conference, I decided to sign up as well.

The conference took place on 10th November 2018. I met my friend at The Verve Hotel and we departed to Oasis Ara Damansara for the conference.  

All the participants were welcomed by the organizers.

After that, we participated in some activities. One of the activities was on the Vale lailai agreement, and it was interesting. We were divided into two groups of people, and the conditions that we lived in the same community. One group was Annex 1 and the other group was non-Annex. The Annex 1 group have been with the community for a longer time, with the characteristics of being richer and having better technology. On the other hand, the non-Annex group had more people, but are poorer and do not have good technology. One day, the only toilet in the community broke down. How were the two groups of people going to solve the problem?

I was part of the non-Annex group, and I did not enjoy the discussion much. The Annex 1 group were so pressing and aggressive. They were only concerned about who should pay for the repair costs, how much each group should pay, and how we were going to make payment when the next breakdown happened. However, the non-Annex group was concerned about the maintenance. In the end, the Annex 1 wanted 50% payment from each of the group. They said we had more people using the toilet, and so the payment was fair enough. Well, they forgot that they were the ones who have been using the toilet all this while and contributed more to the damage of the toilet.

Next, we heard speakers from the Malaysian Youth Delegation, Greenpeace, WWF, and a solo journalist share their experiences. I learned a lot from the talk, and enjoyed the session very much!

The next day, 11th November 2018, Artivism hosted another sharing session. It was first time coming across the word “brandalism”. I even created my own “brandalism” artwork! I gained insights on the important role artivists play in protecting mother nature.

We had a working group discussion on the environmental problems Malaysia faces, and our visions toward future. I was in the Green Economics group. The inputs from the group members were amazing!

In conclusion, there were two things that amazed me about the conference. The first was realizing how young the conference organizers were! Most of them are even younger than me! At this young age, they are very knowledgeable in environmental issues, and have great ability to give talks and organize this conference. The second thing is, I got to know that youth action can save the Earth. Whenever I attended conferences and forums, we always end up discussing problems and solutions during discussion sessions. However, I have always wondered, what happens after discussing mitigation steps? Who and how are we going to implement these mitigation steps? Through this conference, I came to know that the MYD members are going to COP to present the youth, and our voices will be heard!

I am very grateful to MYD for organizing this conference. A big thanks to YAYASAN HASANAH for being the main sponsor of this conference. Thank you very much to all the speakers for sharing. Thanks all!

Edited by Tan Cai May

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