MYDxLCOY Reflections – Sherlyn Pui

Last weekend, youth from all around Malaysia gathered for the Youth Climate Conference 2018 at Oasis Village, Kuala Lumpur. It was also my first time participating in the conference related to climate change. The conference was jam-packed with different speakers who were continuing the important conversation of climate change realities and how can we could move forward. We heard about Finance and Economics Scenarios in Climate Change from Shaqib, quest to Sustainable Palm Oil from Heng KC, and Artivism from Agnus & Eline and so on.

As we listened to all of these sessions, we reflected on how human effort can mitigate climate change, as well as help us to adapt to it. In the workshop provided, we reflected on how climate change impacts communities and discuss solutions both locally and globally.

In addition, one of my favourite parts of the conference was the presentation given by each working group on the second day. The confidence and skills gained by these young men and women were obvious, and their enthusiasm and commitment inspiring. Almost all of them also spoke about their improved knowledge and understanding of climate change. It was very inspiring to hear how the Malaysian youth cares about climate change and I knew it was time for me to take a change too.

Last but not at least, thanks to Malaysian Youth Delegation for organising such a good event for us. It was really a great opportunity for youth to increase their awareness of climate change.

Written by Sherlyn Pui

Edited by Varun

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