YB Yeo at UN Climate Talks: We are better together

She called for more trust from developed nations, less burdensome reporting, and immediate action, together.

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UNFCCC YOUNGO Logo Design Contest

Youth Climate Logo

Are you a designer? Do you know any designers? YOUNGO thinks it’s time for a new logo, so we’re running a competition. Enter by 6 March 2015, and your logo just might end up representing youth climate activists worldwide! YOUNGO logo contest YOUNGO needs a new logo! The YOUNGO Communications Working Group is renewing our YouthClimate.org…

Jangan Pandang Remeh Perubahan Iklim – Najib

Jangan pandang remeh perubahan iklim- Najib

Fenomena perubahan iklim dan pemanasan global tidak lagi boleh dipandang remeh. Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata taburan hujan telah berubah dan Malaysia menempuh musim kemarau terlampau hingga mengalami krisis air di beberapa negeri pada awal dan pertengahan 2014 dan pada penghujung tahun pula, hujan lebat berterusan telah membawa kemusnahan harta benda dan kehilangan…

Climate Change Library Project 2014

Climate Change Library Project 2014 - Kelantan

The Climate Change Library Project 2014 started on December 7th, 2014. It was aimed to crowd fund some donations to purchase climate change and environment related books. These books were then donated to 10 school’s library within Serdang, Selangor. To win the conversation on climate, we believed in providing the appropriate materials for people to form…

Major Flood Impact – Calamity Beyond Land

sediment coral reef

The recent flood happenings have taken a toll on Malaysia and her citizens; more than 240,000 victims were evacuated at one point of time. Kelantan is among the few states that is most severely affected by the flood. Heavy rainfall is usually what comes to mind when we discuss about the cause of these floods.…

David Suzuki Cries For His Grandkids on Radio

David Suzuki, Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki, Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation

Award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, Dr David Suzuki, breaks down in tears, as he talks about his fears over the future of the planet for his grandchildren. Suzuki also voices his long-time frustration at the obsession for economic growth at the sacrifice of nature, while urging us all to strive for better quality of life.


Original Podcast from http://www.bfm.my/breakfast-grille-david-suzuki.html

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