#PowerShiftMsia 2015

Malaysian Youth Climate Leaders Gear Up for #PowerShiftMsia 2015

#PowerShiftMsia, a climate change training for youths, was held in September 2015. The weekend at Batang Kali, Selangor calling for climate change awareness and youth taking action.

#PowerShiftMsia 2015 chalk

Both the organizing team and participants embarked on a very memorable journey to #PowerShiftMsia 2015. The camp brought together 48 participants from the South East Asian region including countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Yemen and Singapore.

#PowerShiftMsia, took form of a symposium, running two different tracts simultaneously, providing a more diversified choices of talks for the participants. The tracts are:

  • Sol-U-Tion, a starting point for youth to learn about Climate Change 101;
  • Creative Campaigning, which contains modules of activism, empowerment and media

The three-day event first started on Friday, 11th of September 2015 with workshops, talks and skill training sessions conducted by various speakers from different fields and backgrounds. Besides all the serious actions going on, the participants also enjoyed themselves chilling around in the hot springs, sang and danced in an impromptu jam session and sharing opinions with each other as participants from all walks of life told their take on action against climate change.


Participants getting to know each other during ice-breaking session

Although the haze slightly dampened the event, it only served as a reminder for the participants that a more sustainable way of life needs to be practiced, all the more highlighting the importance of the event that weekend.

Participants brought home with them more than just memories and experiences but also the need for change to curb climate change.

We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to the energetic participants, passionate trainers and not forgetting, our team of hard-working volunteers from Malaysia and Indonesia! Your support means so much to us as an encouragement to continue our effort in combating climate change.

Group photo of the participants and volunteers of #PowerShiftMsia 2015.

Group photo of the participants and volunteers of #PowerShiftMsia 2015.

Here is the breakdown of #PowerShiftMsia 2015, in case you’ve missed out the 3-day-2-night fun.


  1. Sol-U-Tion – This tract is for those who wish to learn more about climate change and sustainability. It is suitable for those with no or less knowledge about climate change.


  • Climate Change on Humans – by YB Yeo Bee Yin (State Assemblywoman of Damansara) – Impact of climate change on Malaysian water & how it affects our increased urbanized areas (PDF)
  • Overexploitation of Natural Resources by Thomas Marcus Lai (Malaysian Youth Delegate 2015) – The unsustainable usage of natural resources and overexploitation continues to be a major threat to our world. How does this contribute to climate change? (PDF)
  • Artivism by Adrian Yeo (PowerShiftMalaysia) – Learn to use all kinds of creativity to make your role as an activist even more interesting.
  • Climate Change 101 by Adrian, Jolene, Emily (Malaysian Youth Delegate 2015) – A short documentary on climate change and an opened discussion on what you learn from the documentary. (PDF)
  • Bringing The Passion Out To Impact Society and Nation by Yasmin Rasyd (EcoKnights) – What is the state of youth involvement in climate change activities in Malaysia? How to push yourself from “knowing” to “Taking action”? (PDF)
  • Solar Energy and Youth Activism by Jose Gabriel (SOLS 24/7 – Solar Academy) – Solar energy is one of the sustainable solutions in dealing with climate change. This session will expose you to how solar energy became a start for Solar Academy which empowers aboriginals to take charge in environmental activism. (PDF)


  1. Creative Campaigning – This tract is to educate and expose participants to the fundamentals of activism and the right tools to conduct an efficient activism with great impacts. It is suitable for those with knowledge about climate change and other environmental issues.


  • Artivism by Adrian Yeo (PowerShiftMalaysia) – Learn to use all kinds of creativity to make your role as an activist even more interesting.
  • Climate Change & Faith Perspective by Datin Prof Dr. Azizan Baharuddin (IKIM) – Climate change and environmental policies vary in different countries. (PDF)
  • Youth Empowerment Dialogue by Hadi Khalid (Bangsar Radio Utama) This session will empower you in youth activism by providing tools and sharing of experience of youth involvement in activism.
  • Creative Fundraising – How To Manage Your Pre- and Post-Funding? by Lim Kae San – Fundraising is an essential tool to ensure the continuation and success of an activism. This session provides more creative approaches in fundraising. (PDF)
  • Media Analysis and Strategy by Gan Pei Ling – Usage of different kinds of media that work the best with the type of your activism. (PDF)
  • Repressive Laws and Police Power for Civil Society by New Sin Yew (Bersih) – This session will educate you on the repressive laws that is an obstacle in activism and provide you tools in how to negotiate with the police to ensure your activism goes smoothly. (PDF)


A line up of our awesome trainers who took the time to come all the way to Batang Kali to share their knowledge with us!

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