#PowerShiftMsia 2016 – Sabah

#PowerShiftMsia is in Sabah!

#PowerShiftMsia, a climate change training for youths, was held in 14-17th September 2016. The 4 days 3 night workshop at University Malaysia Sabah calls for climate change awareness and youth taking action.

#PowerShiftMsia 2016 Sabah

#PowerShiftMsia 2016 Sabah

Both the organizing team and participants embarked on a very memorable journey to #PowerShiftMsia 2016. The camp brought together 32 participants from the South East Asian region including countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia.

The four-day event first started on Wednessday, 14th of September 2016 with workshops, talks and skill training sessions conducted by various speakers from different fields and backgrounds. Besides all the serious actions going on, the participants also enjoyed themselves with the nature around them, sang and danced in a karaoke session and sharing opinions with each other as participants from all walks of life told their take on action against climate change. Artivism allowed the participants to be as creative as they can be and spread message through art.

Throughout the camp, participants chose to work on 6 different projects and used the interactive sessions to build up their campaigns from bannering to creating viable budgets. Some of these programs have been taken to the next step after the camp and are currently running such as the “Seagrass in the Sea “.

We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to the energetic participants, passionate trainers and not forgetting, our team of hard-working volunteers from Malaysia and Indonesia! Your support means so much to us as an encouragement to continue our effort in combating climate change.

The given modules are:


  • Local Issues by Mr. Wong Siew Te (Sun Bear Conservation Centre) – experience on how to survive that long in running an NGO in Sabah
  • Climate Change 101 by Tze Yang (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – A short introductory to the basics of climate change, knowing the what and hows.
  • Understanding Problems & Goal Setting/Strategies by Kelvin Lai (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – Usage of goal setting techniques in running a project, learning to plan ahead wisely
  • Writing a Project Proposal & NGO Networking by Kelvin Lai (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – to implement learnt information from previous session into group projects
  • Theory of Change by Adrian Yeo (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – understanding how the agenda of a certain group changes, shifting of power
  • NGO experience sharing by Wanji, Wei Peng, Amalen and Kelvin (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – interacting with experienced volunteers to understand potential problems met in NGO


  • Communication 101 by Adrian Yeo (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – understanding basics of communication and how one can reach their audience
  • Understanding Malaysian Climate Change Policies by Adrian Yeo (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – an in-depth learning on Malaysia and International Climate policies
  • NVDA (Non-violent Direct Action) by Amalen (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – understanding NVDA and why it is important in coveying a message
  • Bannering by Amalen (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – hands on session on creating banners for campaign usage
  • Role play by Adrian Yeo (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – understanding the power play of different stake holders in extreme situations
  • Science and Climate Change by Wanji (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – the importance of science  and on ground research to solving climate change
  • Issues in Sabah and Sarawak by Adrian Banie Lasimbang (TONIBONG) – experience on surviving that long in running an NGO in Sabah
  • Climate Change Reporting- Perspectives by Sabrina (World Wide Fund- WWF) – understanding different perspectives from different approach of media reporting
  • Writing a Media Statement by Sabrina (World Wide Fund- WWF) – hands on session on drafting a statement for group project
  • Working in non-profit sector by Adrian Yeo (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – understanding lesson learnt in organising work, in a larger scale
  • Lesson Learnt in Organising work by WeiPeng (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – understanding lesson learnt in organising work, in a smaller scale


  • Fundraising by Adrian Yeo (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – knowing what funders want and what you can offer, knowing the boundaries in accepting funds
  • Personality Test by Amalen (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – better understanding of oneself, suiting into a more suitable job in NGO
  • Social media tools by Sabrina (World Wide Fund- WWF) – utilising social media in message conveys
  • Online-Offline Strategy by Adrian Yeo (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – understanding the ladder of engagement and the benefits of online-offline engagement
  • Story Telling/ Elevator speech by Amalen (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – knowing what is a good story, engagement with the public
  • Delivering local policy to public by Adrian Yeo (#PowerShiftMsia trainer) – knowing the tricks in dealing with the public and ways to deliver the policy content.



We felt that there is a strong need to have more youth climate training across Malaysia. Especially in Sabah and Sarawak. We braved ourselves and set aim to host the training in Kota Kinabalu. We hosted the program in ‘UMS – University Malaysia Sabah.


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