#PowerShiftMsia helped me to initiate my own project #ChiliPadiAcademy

amalina testimonialI was introduced to #PowerShiftMsia Training by a good friend of mine, Aisyah. The camp experience was a memorable one, in which I get to receive proper training and guidance from influential figures and meet passionate like minded environmentalists from different parts of the world like Sudan, Yemen, Egypt, Cambodia, Philippines to name a few.

#PowerShiftMsia allows me
to rediscover my passion
for Mother Earth! -Amalina A-

What makes #PowerShiftMsia different than other environmental programs is the fact that they provide support even after the event. I was exposed to many experiences such as the round-table discussion hosted by the Ministry of Youth & Sports and my peers had the privilege of joining the #COP21 in Paris, France.

This experience had made me become more driven in my pursuit to save the environment and led me to joining more things such as the Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative Academic Exchange on Environmental Issues in Hawaii. I aspire to become an environmental lawyer and hopefully get to help #PowerShiftMsia develop environmental legislations and policies.

Testimonial by Amalina A

#PowerShiftMsia helped me to initiate my own project #ChiliPadiAcademy

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