#PowerShiftMsia, I grew as a person – Yuen Zhao

Yuen Zhao

I came to know this organization a few years ago and I came in without much experience in event planning and to be honest, at first, I did not know what to expect from it and how I could contribute to it. However, with my team members, I can truly say that I re-identified my passion and cause of volunteering in #PowerShiftSabah2018.

The camp was never the end point but the process of being a part of a cause greater than oneself. The entirety of it was never easy and it will never be without challenges. Nevertheless, they were substantial for me to learn my own strengths and weaknesses as a human being who never fails to make mistakes.

With #PowerShiftSabah2018, I grew as a person. With this experience and platform, I can say I am forever thankful as I learn how to be better in managing myself and working with others.

Testimonial by Yuen Zhao

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