PowerShiftMsia made a profound impact on me – Hidayati

No words could describe this feeling. But I’m gonna write it tho. Ahahahha.

What I really mad about is that, you folks never told that this camp going to make a profound impact on me. NEVER! You guys only told that we will learn this, learn that, know this, know that etc etc. But, what I get is far more than these!

A lesson for me, don’t easily trust what is written in your website. Ahahahaa.


Hidayati (Far Right) in Team Photo

Firstly, the trainers! Why the trainers are superb awesome?! WHYYYYY?! The trainers are capable to twist a situation to something that I never thought about. Even the ‘religious’ talk can have an input for climate change. Love the way modules are conducted, 2 ways communications rather than ‘syok sendiri’ version. Even though sometimes we ‘krik krik’, they still smiled and encourage us to talk. Ahahahaa. There are no right or wrong in our opinions, they are open minded and not judgmental. They are supporting instead of judging. Thank you for being appreciative.

I will never forget Kelvin’s talk in the last session. Especially when he asked to neutralize the messiah complex. It’s like ‘cutting’ through me. Ahahahahaa. I always dreamed to have a superpower and be a saviour, actually. When I think about it, it’s really true, that this messiah complex is soooo not cool. How can we help others when we already think we are the best amongst all, right?

Now, the so-called mentors. You guys are not mere mentors. From my past camp experiences, mentors usually scold the participants and act so high and mighty to be respected. I’m looking forward for this actually. Waiting you guys to ‘explode’ because we are late or any other reasons. But none in this camp! You guys treated us like an adult, like a friend that already known for years. No senior, no junior. All is same.

Special thanks to each and every mentors for making this a successful. Hard works paid off, guys! I really enjoyed this camp, congratulations.

Lastly, my group. I really hate my group. 4 days are not enough to create a meaningful, cheerful relationship. But, with these bunches, everything is possible. Ahahahahaa. Radziah, Nanda, Amir, Soon, I don’t know whether you guys can read this or not. But, you guys are really awesome. Sumpah awesome! Very passionate and diligent to make our group project work out. I hope the spirit will never die, yahhh! Having a same group with you guys made me lost my self-confidence actually. You guys are too good and I think that I’m not at the same level with you guys, and far way behind. Discouraging my own self. Ahahahhahahaa. But, actually it’s a good thing to have that kind of feeling. So, now I know my weakness and I shall try to improve myself. Lalalalallaa~

That’s all from me. Again, thanks a lot, you all! Gonna miss this camp.

Testimonial by Hidayati.

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