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Treasure Our Land

Among all the inhabitants of planet Earth, we, human beings can be considered the smartest for we make use of all the natural resources obtained from our surrounding such as Land, Water, Soil, Plants, Animals to make a comfortable living. But sadly, judging by the actions that we have done and the situation that we…

Ucapan Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar in COP20

Datuk Seri G. Palanivel delivering the speech - video & full text below

UCAPAN YANG BERHORMAT MENTERI SUMBER ASLI DAN ALAM SEKITAR DI SEGMEN PERINGKAT TINGGI SEMASA COP20/CMP10 Tuan Presiden, Para Perwakilan, Tuan-tuan, dan Puan-puan, Delegasi Malaysia ingin merakamkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan dan ucapan terima kasih kepada kerajaan dan rakyat Peru di atas layanan mesra yang diberikan kepada kami di bandar Lima yang bersejarah dan indah ini. Tuan Presiden,…

REDD in Malaysia

REDD logo

Degradation and deforestation of the world’s tropical forests are cumulatively responsible for about 10% of net global carbon emissions. Therefore, tackling the destruction of tropical forests is core to any concerted effort to combat climate change (14). Traditional approaches to halting tropical forest loss have typically been unsuccessful, as can be seen from the fact that…

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