The ASEAN Work‐Life Balance Conference

The ASEAN Work‐Life Balance Conference: “Creating Prosperity, Fulfilling Lives”

About the ASEAN Work-Life Balance Project

SzeMing and #WLB

SzeMing and #WLB

The ASEAN Work-Life Balance Project aims to make evidence-based recommendations to national governments in ASEAN with respect to inclusive, conducive and holistic policymaking for Work-Life Balance. While people like you and me may have had discussions with friends and family about how to achieve Work-Life Balance, and some may even have had the means and support systems to do so, many others do not have that kind of opportunity, mostly due to socio-economic reasons. We believe that Work-Life Balance shouldn’t be an idle way of life solely for the middle-class; we want Work-Life Balance to be one of the key benchmarks that regional decision-makers adhere to when they design socio-economic policies that would affect farmers, food vendors, office workers and CEOs alike.

Why “Work-Life Balance”?

But why “Work-Life Balance”? Why not “socio-economic empowerment” or even “poverty reduction”? We chose “Work-Life Balance” because the term is relatable to those who should, and can afford to care, and thus generates a sense of empathy across different segments of society. The goal of “Work-Life Balance” is not a unidimensional figure such as the growth rate of a country’s GDP or the number of impoverished households; it is a combination of infrastructural and conceptual conditions that would allow everybody to create the framework in which they could work and live life with productivity, dignity and integrity. Issues such as public transportation, mobile and Internet access, environmental protection, cultural preservation, rural-urban migration and more will be contextualised in accordance to their impact on Work-Life Balance.

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75575_450296631832930_1380262164334412977_nDetails of the conference are as stated below:

  • Conference Title:  The ASEAN WorkLife Balance Conference: “Creating Prosperity, Fulfilling Lives”
  • Date: 23rd – 25th February 2016 
  • Venue: MaGIC – Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre

There are 3 different categories of tickets:

  • Youth/NGO/Retirees RM350: Full pass to breakout sessions. Including opening & closing ceremonies, excluding dinners.
  • Professionals (Individual) RM500: Full pass to breakout sessions. Including opening & closing ceremonies, excluding dinners.12052401_417692751759985_2858760073904325556_o
  • Professionals/Corporate-Sponsored RM1500: Full pass to breakout sessions. Including both opening & closing ceremonies, and networking dinners. Sponsoring organizations’ logo will be featured on official website as “Participating Organization”.

Join us as we explore a more productive future with our presenters! Be sure to sign up soon as seats are limited.

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