This camp is highly recommended – Leonardo Jainih

Leonardo Jainih

During the camp, I shared about my ongoing project at Papar, Sabah which is about educational awareness and training to the local community. Besides, I also shared about the mini projects which include educational awareness and interviewing the communities that living near to Sembulan River that conducted by my juniors back in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

Coincidentally, that is what my mentees wanted to do which was waste management awareness at Sembulan, Sabah. I helped them whenever they needed my guidance on certain things that they have less experience in it. I begin to realize that my experiences and skills can be put into good use in this mentorship programme.

To be honest, I am more like a participant than a volunteer for this camp where I will sit together with my mentees, listen closely to the very informative speech/talk given my trainers and even getting involve in certain tasks given by the trainers.

Moreover, I also make lots of new friends from different backgrounds which I often don’t do that.

Last but not least, I did not regret my choice by joining this camp, I learned a lot from the trainers and even from the Power Shift Malaysia’s staff’s itself. This camp is highly recommended to the youth out there who wish to be a volunteer but if you really wanted to join the camp with the intention of pure learning, it will be best to come as a participant. Thank you Power Shift Malaysia!

Testimonial by Leonardo Jainih

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