I told myself, “I MUST be a part of this! – Ain Yahya

So much was learnt in the course of four days!

An actual example of workshop during #PowerShiftMsia.

“PALM OIL DOES / DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO DEFORESTATION? Got it? Ok. just do this and that…. you have 15 minutes to draft a media statement andddd… go!!!”

With that, our group of six participants effectively brainstormed, deliberated, drafted and delivered our press release in front of the crowd. (Media Training Module) Well, that’s how #PowerShiftMsia (and their trainers) push participants to think, to learn and to work efficiently and effectively.


Ain and group, pitching their ‘Disaster Risk Reduction’ project

A piece of old cloth can produce art, that in turn can affect thousands of people (Artivism Module). You can even inspire an important figure with your opinion and… what if I told you that it is both possible in just 60 seconds? (Elevator Speech Module)

WHAT? You’re joking. NOPE. That’s how awesome our mentors and trainers are. They walk the talk. Two trainers actually deal with so much conservation funding, that it’s crazy, all in the name of improving the livelihood of villagers (indirectly the ecosystem and possibly government funds) with a mini-hydro (Banie Lasimbang) and for the conservation of sun bears. (Wong Siew Te)

I told myself, “I MUST be a part of this!

To be honest, the moment I laid eyes on #PowerShiftMsia’s poster, it sparked the “environmentalist” in me (yeah, haha you can laugh but it’s inexplicably true!). I told myself, “I MUST be a part of this!” and lo and behold, I am definitely more than satisfied with the outcome of attending this camp. I feel empowered with all the new knowledge and the workshops and activities were so intensive that it is all still fresh in my mind.

Climate change is a serious issue and it affect all of us. The floods, strong winds, drought and turbulent weather. It will catch up on us, if not today, in the very near future. Nobody can stop the force of nature when it strikes, but we could work collectively to stop our man-made contribution.

If you watch the news; you often see countries at war with each other and people so caught up with protecting their own rights and land. Does it not make you wonder if one day 10 countries were affected by drought, flood or typhoons at the same time, will they all still fight? Or will they cry together in anguish at all the loss they’d have to face? (i.e lives, property, livestock etc.)


Ain (right most) taking a photo with here group members

#PowerShiftMsia introduced me to climate change concerned citizens of not only Malaysia but Indonesia and Cambodia. International programs like this bridge people from very different backgrounds and it was funny that we all loved to dance. Suddenly everyone was an expert at dancing ‘Tinggi tinggi gunung Kinabalu….tinggi lagi sayang sama kamuuuu”.

So much was learnt in the course of four days! Not only did we enjoy all the programs conducted, the knowledge imparted was of great quality and the mentors are fun! They were so generous and honest with sharing what they know and even took the extra mile to let the foreign participants try Sabahan fruits, mooncake and ice cream. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t part of the program! (Ahem, it is)

Did you know that forests that were initially meant to absorb greenhouse gasses were cut down to supply pastures and grow food for farmed animals which produce manure (methane) that releases more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere? These greenhouse gasses cause climate change by trapping heat in the atmosphere. Boy, these guys at #PowerShiftMsia are serious at educating us about climate change on all levels! (We only serve vegetarian meals in our training) I’m actually thinking twice these days about having that chicken / meat burger ^_^;

Testimonial by Ain Yahya


Delicious climate friendly vegetarian meals were served at #PowerShiftMsia


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