Tze Yang’s journey of volunteering for #PowerShiftMsia

The four days of #PowerShiftMsia #Sabah has ended. It was never an easy one to begin with. True to the ‘Universal Law of TzeYang (me)’, everything becomes complicated when 2 or more humans are involved.

Allow me to share my journey of volunteering for this year’s #PowerShiftMsia.

I was given the honour to help recruiting volunteers for this year’s edition. I started eagerly and rounded up my friends to help in various positions in the Organising Committee. The response looked super encouraging in the beginning and then it went downhill and never picked up ever since.


Skype Meetings, preparation for #PowerShiftMsia

I have felt the emptiness in seeing most of the volunteers leaving and going into hibernation. For all kinds of reasons, you can think of. I can’t help but to think how it was doing this year in year out for 4 years.

No sugar coating on this, we have to face the reality.

I have come across people who seemed to enjoy the short term glory, the bragging rights on how they are involved in youth-led movements, but not many have the endurance working long-term? The other kind, the just-too-busy type that happens way to often in civil society movements.

These are the the ones who have contributed most and stayed the longest. Unfortunately, due to their interest in different fields they tend to wander. I do not blame them, for who can really stand strong through difficulties seeing no obvious results yields.


Participants from #PowerShiftMsia 2013 volunteering in #PowerShiftMsia 2016 (L-R) TzeYang, Jervie, Amalen

Fast forward to 13th of September 2016, a day before the camp. With whatever limited resources we have (RM0 funding) we manage to still kick start the #Sabah camp. Imagine having to go through the entire module a night before the camp with only 8 on-field member. Limited man-power meant that all of us have to multi-task, and the coolest thing in my entire life happened. The 8 members are fully ”utilized” doing jobs ranging from emcee, trainers, mentors, logistics, marketing, social media, media, and all the required jobs you can think of.


Tze Yang (3rd from right) mentoring for this team

The rest of the days for camp are just like a dream. All mentors are expected to be fully occupied the moment they open their eyes (7:30am for most, 6:30am for WeiPeng because the food caterer guy only trust her) until 1:30am after the late night (also important) ”yumcha” session. The night sharing that happened on #day3 was a success. Most participants revealed to having express themselves on that particular sentimental moment, including Adrian. The rest, was history.

It seems like history repeats itself, I used to be so hopeful after all the camps I have attended until it seems to be a norm for disappointments because the only thing that happened was big talks and friendship bragging. On a personal level, I do admit trying to brainwash my team a bit here and there, hoping that maybe this time things could be a little different.

As for myself, I am definitely still on my journey to be the best like no one ever was. I still stand strong on my opinion on the #power-talk at #PowerShiftMsia #2013, change from the highest tier of power are still the most effective way, I hope one day when I am one I don’t hate myself for being the bad guy if so despise now. ”I” hope.


Ice cream potong, a boost for the late night sessions

Back to the camp! On the last day of camp Adrian took some time to acknowledge the volunteers one by one. I was overwhelmed, the feeling of being acknowledged was great, I think the others thought so as well. Therefore, I hope to take this opportunity to acknowledge Adrian, something I have wanted to do since long long time ago.

Thank you for being an inspiration.

Testimonial by Tze Yang


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