UNESCO SDG Training Workshop: Telling the Story of Global Change

UNESCO SDG Training Workshop: Telling the Story of Global Change

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were first adopted in September 2015, at the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, to create an agenda that is universal, ambitious, sustainable, and yet very much still “of the people, by the people and for the people”. To this end, it is vital that sustainable development, and in particular, climate change, be addressed through a multidisciplinary lens; this approach provides a framework through which research can be carried out and easily disseminated, thus further enabling the education and growth of communities.

Roundtable Discussion

In this sense, communication and the media remains an effective and powerful way to reach out to the people, as its element of storytelling can weave together not only narratives, but also ethical communication, reporting and advocacy from various perspectives and stakeholders, albeit from scientists, policy makers, civil society, academics and citizen. In fact, bringing in different views from various stakeholders will help to mobilize changes for the better future, particularly in the area of climate change, which is in line with Goal 13 in the SDGs.

This two-day workshop challenges participants to revisit and re-conceptualize theories and practices of storytelling in a digital age. In an age where anticipated changes in sustainability and development continue to occur, the medium of storytelling, so crucial to communicators and journalists, have to be continuously updated. Equipped with the relevant theories and contemporary models of storytelling, participants engage in pertinent case studies, and contribute in a hands-on digital storytelling workshop facilitated by highly experienced industry practitioners.

The details of the workshop are below.

  • Date:                21st – 22nd th  July 2017 (Friday-Saturday)
  • Location:          C10, Balai Media, School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang, Malaysia

Panel Discussion

To start of the program, Jasmin Irisha of MYD, participated in a panel discussion with Dato’ Renji Santhiah (Former Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chief Negotiator for Malaysia in Climate Negotiations leading to the Kyoto Protocol), Prof. Dr. Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim (Environmental Technology Division, School of Industrial Technology, USM), Prof. Gurdial Singh Nijar (Malaysian Negotiator and Lead Spokesman for the Like Minded Developing Countries at the Paris Climate Conference COP21), Ms. Hilary Chiew (Third World Network), and moderated by Anil Netto (independent journalist/writer/blogger).

We later conducted a workshop with our trainer Jasmin Irisha, Adrian Yeo and Aisyah Hannah on “Digital Communication – Ladder of Engagement on Climate Change” under #KemSolusi.

Aisyah leading the Digital Communication Session

Finding ways to communicate / Telling stories of environmental issues or climate change to the public in this new age. Storytellers have to understand and adapt to technological advances, social complexities and following the trend and methods of communicating with the mass.

Contact us for “Digital Communication in the Environmental Advocacy World Training” if you want to know more. We can arrange a Kem Solusi training or #PowerShiftMsia camp for this purpose.

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