WanJi – enriching experience to organize #PowerShiftMsia


Team Sabah of #PowerShiftMsia 2016 securing partnership with UMS Eco Campus

#PowerShiftMsia Sabah 2016?! Been there done that.

It was such an enriching experience to organize this training camp. The preparation work involved took me out of my comfort zone. If you think preparation works are for minions, as these menial task are tiring and not cool at all, trust me, the way you handle every tedious task can surprise yourself in what you can learn. For me, it refined the way I view things and it taught me to be patient. Each and every task needs to go through a few processes and sometimes you struggle to balance yourself between appearing desperate and getting frustrated in achieving your goals.


First time mentoring – thanks for the amazing learning and experience

Next, is the camp itself. It is one thing to try to convince yourself when you don’t feel good but it is certainly next level stuff when you need to convince others when you yourself don’t feel good. Especially in circumstances where time is not permitting, you have to skip yourself and dive straight to aid, console or motivate others. That’s tough, further dragging me out of my comfort zone. It’s like you are reaching a hand for the others while using your other hand to suppress your own rebellious thoughts/actions.

To be honest, I love the training camp. Around the second to the third day, I felt I have been working as a facilitator for 2 to 3 months. I didn’t think I do a great job but I could see myself doing more of similar jobs in the future. I like the idea of getting people together (even when they do not initially or at any point share the same passion) and teaching them, exposing them to new information. I felt like the intention of this camp is noble, and I wanted to be part of it. I am concerned about climate change but I admit I didn’t spend enough time reading, researching or understanding it.

I’m sorry, climate, you change too fast and I react so slow.

Last but not least, I’m extremely thankful to be given the chance of being a part of this. I must have accumulated quite an amount of Karma in exchange for this chance. This experience will serve as a great lesson and wonderful memory in years to come.

Testimonial by WanJi


Post #PowerShiftMsia cuppa with fellow volunteer staff


I’m sorry, climate, you change too fast and I react so slow.


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