Wei Peng – From Participant to #PowerShiftMsia Organiser

Wei Peng – From Participant to #PowerShiftMsia Organiser

This journey is one of the major learning in my life.

This story started back in #PowerShiftMsia 2015, where I was a participant. I was equipped with a lot of skills and recharged my passion in during my training. After few months, my drive and passion seems to fade away, bit by bit.

In 8th April 2016, I saw a posting on volunteer recruitment for #PowerShiftMsia in Sabah. I’m excited and it rekindled my passion towards running environmental program. Without hesitation, I grabbed the opportunity and signed up.


Wei Peng sharing her challenges and achievements during #PowerShiftMsia

Running this workshop, I recharged my fire and gained more power to involve in environmental movement activities. I realized that I’m not alone in this journey. There are a lot of peoples will be there for us. All of us are fighting for same causes but with different approach. I’m glad to meet all of people from PowerShiftMsia and leaving a footprint in my heart.

In the project proposal by participants of PowerShiftMsia, I’m truly amazed by their ideas and passion. Sometimes, we just proposed idea and didn’t plan to carry out it. However, they are different. They want to make it happen. I’m impressed by their passion.  I’m really moved by the passion of my group member. They are indigenous people in Sabah.


Wei Peng facilitating an interactive session during #PowerShiftMsia

They are highly concern about the climate change and environment issues happen around them. They experienced the dramatic effect of climate change. They want to make changes to it. They want to protect their homes and our mother of nature.

I’m impressed by their persistent and I want to protect my home just like them. That’s why we are working together for a better tomorrow. I learnt a lot from them about their lifestyle and the sharing of environmental issues they are facing. We did have some discussion regarding to the issues. Sometimes, we may think want to do big stuff and make great impact. However, everything starts small and on ground. If we are not start doing it and just keep dreaming, nothing big will be achieved.


Mentor Wei Peng (holding orange card) together with her group

When I read back my letter for myself, I felt grateful because I’m still actively involved in environmental activities. I hope my passion can motivated the people around me. I truly understand about “Small action now will bring a big impact in the future” and “Never underestimate your own power to save the mother of nature”. This two inspiration quotes were written for myself a year ago. Although I didn’t achieve any great work for saving our mother of nature, I believe that by small action now and accumulated action throughout my life will make some changes towards people around me on our mother of nature.

Testimonial by Wei Peng


Pre Training Meeting the evening before #PowerShiftMsia



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