Why is writing so hard :(

Saturday, 8 September 2018. I was the facilitator of YOUNGO daily meeting. As a newbie of YOUNGO, I felt a lot of anxiety running through my vein. I couldn’t sit still because I was scared and nervous. The meeting started a little bit late because we were waiting for a few more people to come. Half past nine, the meeting started. I took a deep breath and introduced myself to everyone in the room. We started off with an energizer activity, where everyone had to pick their favorite animal, act and walk around the room as if they were the animal, led by Yugratna. It was such a fun introduction. The meeting then proceeded with updates from the Bottom Lining Team (BLT), working groups, and concluded with any issues/comments that anyone wants to bring up. Being a facilitator was such a great experience. It was nervous at first but I got the hang of it when everyone in the room was paying attention to me. I felt like the room was mine (hihihihihi).

The highlight of the day was a meet up of the Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) team with Chris Wright from the Climate Tracker (figure 1). The meeting was casual and it was held at the common area of the United Nations building. He is a journalist. He gave advices on how to produce an attractive article to attract more readers in reading your article. “Two things that need to be considered during writings are; number one is know what you want to write and number two is know what your audience wants to read” said Chris. I was stunned by the words because the second statement was never on my list or ever crossed my mind. Writing is the last thing that I would want to do (you can tell how much I loveeeee writing) – but Chris made writing sound so easy. I realize that to produce good papers, one just need to know and understand on what to write and know on what readers love to read. The one thing that was holding me back from writing was myself.

Figure 1. A snap from the session with Chris

As Bangkok reaches to an end, many homework and articles are piling up on my shoulder. Many articles were postponed to the last minute. I did not think this through but here I am sitting with my laptop on trying to finish writing 4 articles in one night. I did not think it would be this horrified but how I wish I was matured enough to think last minute work is bad. I needed the inspiration to write my articles and I am glad to have this short meet up with Chris. I am inspired and aspire to write more in the future. A shout out to Jasmin for setting up the meetup.

Written by Syahirah Aron

Edited by Jasmin

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