WWF Climate Crowd – Crowdsourcing human responses to climate change

Climate Crowd is a collaborative effort led by WWF to crowdsource information on how rural and indigenous communities are responding to changes in climate and extreme weather events, and how their responses affect the ecosystems they rely upon for their wellbeing.

Climate Crowd WWF

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Far removed from decision-making bodies and financial resources, these communities are often left to their own devices to cope with and adapt to changes in weather and climate. We have much to learn from their experiences, yet little attention has been devoted to documenting how they are responding to these changes. We also need a better understanding of how their responses may be negatively impacting ecosystems. Climate Crowd, working in partnership with a number of organizations and concerned individuals, aims to fill these information gaps to benefit conservation and development efforts.

WWF curates and shares collected data on wwfclimatecrowd.org for use by researchers, educators, conservation and development practitioners and policy-makers. WWF also shares stories from our partners to raise awareness of the immediate impacts of climate change across the globe. We also support promising, small projects that aim to help communities and wildlife adapt to change.

Visit the Participate page to see how you can submit data to contribute to this effort, and the Data Archive to browse and download reports that have been submitted.

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